Turtle Rescue News for February 28 2017

Turtle Rescue Ontario

2012 Magnetawan river.

Sams Species Reptile Rescue and Sanctuary

Welcome to Sams Species Reptile Rescue and Sanctuary . How it all began…. After a lot of deliberation and research my daughter Sam decided she wanted a snake for …

Ninja Turtles Hostage Rescue – 4463.com

Description: Super hero teenage mutant ninja turtles come back, this time they will have what dangerous, hurry up to follow they hostage rescue together.

Pet Rescue Alliance

Turtle is a 12-14 weeks old Australian Shepherd mix. Like any puppy he’s full of kisses, energy, and love. Like any puppy, he’ll need a little bit of work but it will definitely pay off! He loves walking and he’s good with other dogs and children! He hasn’t been around cats yet, but he’s such a lover- we’re sure he’ll love them too! If you’re interested- submit an application at.


Turtle IslanderA place to share turtle news and personal experiences with turtles. Sea Turtle FoundationSea Turtle Foundation, previously known as the Indo-Pacific Sea Turtle Conservation Group, was formed to help protect sea turtles, and to address the many threats they face. Projecto UNIDASea Turtles and So Tom e PrncipeSea Turtle Research and EducationCurrently a grad student at Duke University pursuing a career in sea turtle conservationthe turtle tour newsArtist dedicated to raising awareness and funding for sea turtle conservation. Turtle bycatch report – KenyaContains report that presents and discusses the research findings of the first 6 years of Watamu Turtle Watch’s sea turtle bycatch release programme in a Kenyan artisanal fishery. Monitoring ProgrammeA Cooperative Mediterranean Monitoring Programme on Sea Turtle Interaction with Fisheries and Relative Abundance Sea Turtle ResearchSea turtle research from an FAU student and sea turtle volunteerTurtles’ problemsIt’s site about many things that can happen to turtles.

Turtle Rescue News for February 28 2017

Bob the snapping turtle rescued!


Great Mother Turtle is a small two person box turtle & terrapin rescue center located in Baltimore, Maryland. We mimic the box turtles natural habitat depending on the subspecies of box turtle housed in the enclosure. Every box turtle and terrapin arrives to us safely and without injury. If you are out of our driving range and you wish to relinquish care of your box turtle or terrapin to us, we ask that you cover in full the cost of shipping the turtle to our rescue shelter. Annually, we send out the “GREAT MOTHER TURTLE NEWSLETTER.” The newsletter announces recent caches of eggs if any, births or the passing of any box turtles & terrapins.

Turtle Clinic

As part of our commitment to the environment, Pacific Beachcomber has worked actively with Te Mana O Te Moana, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the marine environment of French Polynesia, to rehabilitate ill or injured green sea turtles and hawksbill turtles and release them back into the wild. Located at the InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa, the clinic includes shelter for the turtles, a scientific laboratory, and an education center.

Oahu North Shore Hotels

ADA, AMENITIES & SERVICES. ADA, AMENITIES & SERVICES. From dining options to fitness to free parking, Turtle Bay Resort helps guests make the most of their stay on the North Shore of Oahu. For our ADA guests, we are equipped to make sure your North Shore vacation will be the experience of a lifetime.

Manatee Rescue – Dolphin Research Center

Dolphin Research Center is the only Manatee Rescue Team in the Florida Keys authorized by the state and federal governments to assist manatees in distress.

Lake Jackson Ecopassage

A 2,600 foot fence was then constructed along US Highway 27 South to intercept turtles that attempted to migrate across the road when Lake Jackson refilled. No! Although the peak migration occurred as Lake Jackson dried, migration of turtles and other wildlife between Lake Jackson and Little Lake Jackson has continued since the lake refilled, so this is not a one-time problem. Why should we care if thousands of turtles and other wildlife from Lake Jackson are killed by vehicles each year? Turtles and other wildlife are an integral part of Lake Jackson’s ecosystem and should be protected in standing with Lake Jackson’s designation as Florida’s only lake Aquatic Preserve. Averting turtle tragedy: saving Lake Jackson’s Turtle populations.

Turtle Rescue News for February 28 2017

Sea Turtle Rescue(0:00-2:45) and Costa Rican Adventures (2:45-5:00)

The first first half (all the way to 2:45) is all turtles and my house and us doing exhumations(so if your tired of my turtle pics fast fwd to 2:45;) ). Exhumations are …