Turtle Rescue News for September 09 2017

Reporting Stranded, Entangled, or Injured Sea Turtles

A stranded sea turtle is defined as any ocean turtle found dead, injured, sick, tumored, or otherwise abnormal and sometimes even normal in appearance and out of the water, usually along the shoreline. The turtle may also be in very shallow water close to shore. Sea turtles are listed and protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act and wildlife laws of the State of Hawaii. All sea turtles, both dead and alive, are legally protected. These instructions apply exclusively to sea turtles. Due to the considerable travel distances that may be involved, and the possibility of other turtle strandings occurring at the same time, a delay in response of three hours or more may occur. There is no harm whatsoever for a sea turtle to be out of the water for many hours, provided it is not in direct hot sunlight. Sea turtles strand because they want to and need to be out of the ocean. Callers should be prepared to tell exactly where the turtle is located, whether it appears to be dead or alive, and the size of the animal. If the turtle returns to the water before someone arrives, this is not necessarily bad. Some turtles, even ones with tumors, want to rest ashore for a period of time and they may do this regularly. The size and degree of decomposition of a dead stranded turtle could make it impossible or inappropriate to load and transport the turtle to the laboratory for scientific research. DLNR-DOCARE Officers do not normally pick up stranded turtles, unless there is a law enforcement violation.

Crystal Beach Local News, Get the latest Scoop on Bolivar Peninsula, Texas, Resort community on the Gulf of Mexico

The turtle had stranded on one of the more remote parts of the peninsula, near High Island. Staff member RD Stewart immediately called the sea turtle hotline which connected him to our NOAA Sea turtle Facility. He initially thought the turtle was deceased since it was unresponsive but, under my direction, he examined the turtle closer and it was still alive. I did not think the turtle would even survive the trip back to our hospital since it was in such poor nutritional shape. The turtle was on fluids every day for the first week it was in our care, and was on antibiotics for 30 days. The turtle finally ate seafood after it had been in the hospital for 7 days. After 6 weeks in our care, the turtle had made a miraculous recovery and was cleared for release by our veterinarian. I invited RD Stewart to participate in the release of the turtle he saved from dying. The turtle was released on 6-19-2017 on the Bolivar peninsula. Galveston County Road & Bridge workers, in particular RD Stewart, have gone above and beyond to assist in saving sea turtles on the Bolivar peninsula. They are always willing to help in sea turtle conservation however they can, including placing sea turtle educational signage on the peninsula, finding nesting Kemp’s ridleys on the beach and protecting them, and rescuing stranded sick/injured sea turtles. I am so appreciative of these workers; RD has been a great asset and I want the community to know what they have done for our sea turtles on the upper Texas coast.

Indiana Reptiles & More Rescue Groups

Crossroads Aquatic AnimaI Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing of unwanted, abused and improperIy cared for aquatic animaIs, primariIy fish and reptiIes from sheIters and owners who can no Ionger care for them or who no Ionger want them. By working with committed voIunteers, foster homes, IocaI veterinarians we are abIe to rescue hundreds of animaIs every year, provide them with Ioving temporary care, and find them weII-matched, carefuIIy screened forever homes. We aIso serve as a resource to our community and aII pet owners by providing education and information on responsibIe aquatic animaI ownership, incIuding the importance of water quaIity and good nutrition. Crossroads never and wiII never charge a fee for its services or the fish/animaIs adopted out to good homes. We wiII thankfuIIy and wiII gIadIy accept donations of aquariums of any size and condition as weII as accessories and decorations.

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